Covid Services


Covid vaccines are a mainstay for protection against covid and the worst of it's symptoms. We provide both a walk-in clinic for convenience, and the option to book through book my vaccine for those wanting to plan ahead.


Adults 30yrs+ : 2 primary doses and 1 booster every 6 months

Adults 16-29yrs: 2 primary doses and 1 booster

Children 12-15yrs: 2 primary doses

Children 5-11yrs: 2 paediatric primary doses

For anyone at high risk of severe complications from covid, contact us as you may be eligible for an additional booster other than what is listed above.

Antiviral Supply

We are proud to offer access to Paxlovid and Lagevrio. These two antivirals help prevent the complications of COVID-19 infection, and work to improve the outcome of the infection!

If you have recently tested positive for COVID-19, give us a call to see if an antiviral is right for you!

Covid Test Collection

We are a RAT collection site.
People are welcome to take 1 box for each member of the household.
No ordering necessary, just walk on in.